Online brand guidelines for design today. for design today. with precision control. shareable with a link. built for teams. without exporting a pdf. to evolve with brands. with multiplayer editing. updatable with one click. with video and animation. without templates. for modern brands. that set a new standard.

Standards is the most advanced tool to design and publish guidelines.


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Set new standards.

Branding has changed, but our tools to design guidelines are stuck in the past. Standards is purpose-built for the needs of designers and brands, today.

UI detail of the Publish Project dialogue on Standards with the customer entering a URL


Design, publish, and share guidelines as a website, and make updates instantly with unlimited edits. You won’t miss the missing links.

Series of images showing thumbnail previews of Standards’ Automations

Introducing Automations

Instantly create commonly used guidelines sections with Automations. Focus on the work that needs your talent, not your time.

UI detail showing a new workspace being added to an account

Workspaces, connected

Invite team members and clients to Connected Workspaces for real-time project sharing and collaboration.


Screenshot of a Standards document with the word Unlimited placed five times

Unlimited guidelines

Design and publish an unlimited number of guidelines. Share frictionlessly, with no accounts required to view, and no limits on page views.




Join our waitlist of over 25,000 designers worldwide

Trusted by leaders.

Branding evolved.

Our mission is to push guidelines forward.

Printed, ring-bound guidelines of the past have mostly been replaced by PDFs. But the format—now itself a relic—no longer meets the needs of today’s designers and brands.

What does the next evolution look like?

Built by designers.

Standards is founded by designers and developers. We aim for perfection, strive for beauty, embrace utility, and revel in detail.

We couldn’t find an online guidelines tool 
with the level of precision and control we demand in our work.

So, we’re building one for us all.

Standards user interface with a text element highlighted and displaying settings to manipulate the text

Type in control

Upload brand typefaces, edit typography with precision, and create and manage type styles across your guidelines, updatable instantly.

Details of the Add Component module on Standards

Build with Components

Design, save, and reuse modular Components across your guidelines. Sync changes with one click, and maintain consistency.

Demonstration of video backgrounds on the Chatham identity guidelines

Keep it moving

Design with motion in mind by effortlessly adding video or animations. Today’s brands are not static, so we make it easy to move.

Details of the Standards user interface highlighting the Responsive Scaling options

Responsive type

Choose to scale typography responsively with your audience’s browser size, or lock it in at a scale specified by you.

Detail of the color picker user interface on Standards with Automate color selected

Instant color

Automatically calculate all color values from a single HEX—even the PMS—then add them as swatches to your guidelines instantly.

Text module and its controls highlighted in Standards


Add, edit, move, copy, and duplicate elements quickly and intuitively with precision control on a responsive grid.

Made with standards.

Made in Brooklyn & Seattle

Independently designed and developed in the U.S., Standards is born out of the publishing imprint Standards Manual, Brooklyn design office Order, and Seattle design and technology agency Shore.

The best of now, and then

We have combined our teams’ experience in branding and development, with Standards Manual’s deep knowledge of design systems and guidelines from the past. We believe it’s the best of both worlds.


Join our waitlist of over 25,000 designers worldwide

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Standards is currently in Beta, onboarding our Early Access group. If you’ve already signed up, watch your inbox for an invite.

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