Details make the design.

We couldn’t find a guidelines tool with the level of precision and control we demand in our work.

So, we built one for us all.

Our mission is to push guidelines forward.

The printed, ring-bound guidelines of the past have mostly been replaced by digital PDFs. But the format—now itself a relic—no longer meets the needs of today’s designers and brands.

What does the next evolution look like?

Publish project user interface detail showing the option to publish Private or Public

Publish online, on your terms

Publish guidelines with a password, or publicly with no account needed to view. Share the link with your client, your company, or the world—with no limits on pageviews.

UI detail of the Publish Project dialogue on Standards with the customer entering a URL


Design, publish, and share guidelines as a website, and make updates instantly with unlimited edits. You won’t miss the missing links.

Text module and its controls highlighted in Standards

Best in class

Standards is the most advanced, 
precise, and comprehensive tool built specifically for designers to create guidelines. There is no comparison.

Coverpage of the Rebecca Atwood brand guidelines

Bespoke, not broke

Create guidelines with no code, no templates, and no developers. All at a fraction of the time, cost, and stress of developing a bespoke website.


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Introducing Automations.

Instantly automate commonly used guidelines sections. Focus on the work that needs your talent, not your time.

Series of images showing thumbnail previews of Standards’ Automations

More work for less

Automations use your core brand elements to help you design commonly-used guidelines sections with a few clicks, in a fraction of the time.

Grid of logos for Every in different colors, and the settings to adjust the logo grid

Focus on brand

Save time with Automations and focus on the unique aspects of the brand. Automate the routine parts, and get back to work.

User interface detail of automated color specifications in Standards

Instant color

Automatically calculate all color values from a single HEX—even the PMS number—then add them as swatches to your project instantly.

Detail of a logo do’s and don’t page, and its settings, in Standards

Do’s & do’s

Color swatches, logo specimens, do’s & don’ts, and much more. Sections we’re tired of designing on every project, now just a little easier.

Create and reuse.

Design, save, and reuse modular Components across your guidelines. Sync changes with one click, and maintain consistency.

Page of brand strategy Voice text detailing written brand qualities

Made modular

Build with modularity using synced Components. Save, reuse, and update instantly, anywhere in your guidelines.

Details of the Add Component module on Standards

Stay consistent

Components maintain consistency across your project by eliminating repetitive design work. Some of the work we do doesn’t need repeating.

Teams work.

Invite your team and clients to collaborate in Connected Workspaces. All in real-time, or even at the same time, with multiplayer editing.

UI detail showing a new workspace being added to an account

Workspaces, connected

Use Workspaces to organize projects or clients. Invite team members and clients to Connected Workspaces for real-time sharing and collaboration.



Screenshot of a Standards document with the word Unlimited placed five times

Unlimited published guidelines

Design and publish an unlimited number of guidelines. Share frictionlessly, with no accounts required to view, and no limits on page views.


Admin user interface detail demonstrating multiplayer editing with another user editing a document

Multiplayer editing

Design and work on guidelines simultaneously with multiplayer editing. Many hands make great work.

UI detail of the Project Transfer dialogue on Standards

Hold-on, or hand-off

Keep guidelines in your workspace, or transfer them out to a client or collaborator when the job is done.  


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Don’t try this in a pdf.

Demonstration of video backgrounds on the Chatham identity guidelines

Keep it moving

Design with motion in mind by effortlessly adding video or animations. Today’s brands aren’t static, so we make it easy to move.

Details of the Standards user interface highlighting the Responsive Scaling options

The responsive type

Choose to scale typography responsively with your audience’s browser size, or lock it in at a scale specified by you.

Detail of the text and object controls in Standards

Mind the grid

Add, move, resize, and duplicate text, images, and video all on a 12 column, customizable grid.

Rebecca Atwood SVG logo being manipulated in real time with a sizing control

svg’s change everything

Upload svg logos to enable seamless edits and utilize the power of Automations.

User interface detail of the Standards file browser displaying assets from Songtrust

Room to grow

Manage assets with search, preview, and support for multiple file types, with 20 GB of cloud storage on the Pro plan.

Multiple images demonstrating the ability to link and download brand assets from Stadnards

Download and link anything

Create buttons to download anything in your guidelines, or link anywhere on the web, all with fully customizable buttons and hover states.

Desktop-grade settings and design control.

Best-in-class guidelines design control comes standard.

Detailed mosaic of various settings available to users in Standards to design online brand guidelines
Mobile version of detailed mosaic of various settings available to users in Standards
Detail of Standards user interface showing Navigation and menu options

Find your way

Create multi-page guidelines with customizable navigation. Link your menus to pages, or anchor link to specific sections.

Detail of color swatches with a tool tip hover

Tool tips

Easily define helpful tool tips for images, icons, logos, and more. Set them to download files, copy HEX codes, display messages, and more.

Details of the mosaic containing various settings available to users in Standards to design online brand guidelines light background version

Set the tone

Thousands of individual settings—all geared for brand guidelines work—allow you to control every detail of your project.

User interface detail showing a type style being selected in Standards

Type in control

Upload brand typefaces, edit typography with precision, and create and manage all your type styles. The type is always under your control.

Text module and its controls highlighted in Standards

Be precise

Add and edit elements quickly and intuitively. Resize, move, copy, and duplicate with precision controls. Down to the very last pixel, or stick to the grid.

Standards user interface showing colors and scales sliders

Finely tuned

Use innovative controls to fine tune your design elements to exact specifications. It’s the type of control you never knew you needed. 

Take their word for it.

Testimonials from prominent experts about Standards

Standards is currently in Beta. If you are already in the Early Access group we will email your invite link soon.


Free forever

  • Individual editing
  • 1 live project (watermark)
  • Unlimited draft projects
  • 1 workspace
  • 1 GB cloud storage

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$40 / month
$20 / month per additional editor

  • Collaborative editing
  • Unlimited live projects
  • Unlimited draft projects
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • 20 GB cloud storage
  • Custom domains
  • Project transfers

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