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  • Monthly
  • Annual

Save up to 33%


+$20/mo per additional project

+$15/mo per additional project

For designers, studios, and clients with some guidelines.

  • 1 editor

    1 editor included in the monthly price

  • 1 live project included

    Publish one project on the web

  • 12 draft projects

    Create up to 12 draft projects in your workspace

  • Storage: 2GB / project
  • 1 workspace

    A private workspace for your projects

  • Project transfers

    Transfer projects to clients or collaborators when complete

  • Custom domains

    Add custom domains to control the URL of your published project


+$30/mo per additional editor

+$20/mo per additional editor

For agencies with multiple guidelines and team collaboration.

  • 2 editors included

    2 editors included in the monthly price

  • Unlimited live projects

    Create an unlimited number of published projects on the web

  • Unlimited draft projects

    Create an unlimited number of draft projects

  • Storage: 2GB / project
  • Unlimited workspaces

    Workspaces can be created to contain groups of projects and teams

  • Project transfers

    Transfer projects to clients on completion, or to different workspaces internally

  • Custom domains

    Add custom domains to control the URL of your published projects

  • Workspace teams
  • Invite additional editors

    Invite teammates, clients, and collaborators to different workspaces

  • Shared projects

    Collaborate on shared projects, with changes pushed live to your team

  • Multiplayer editing

    Edit projects simultaneously with teammates (beta)


Contact us for pricing

Contact us for pricing

For in-house brand teams at organizations

  • Custom editor seat count
  • Unlimited live projects
  • Unlimited draft projects
  • Storage: Custom
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Project transfers
  • Custom domains
  • Workspace teams
  • Invite additional editors
  • Shared projects
  • Multiplayer editing
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Domain verified access
  • Dedicated priority support
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Design & Publishing

Published projects




Draft projects





Downloadable assets

Always online & synced

Upload fonts




Gifs & Video

Publish unlimited edits

Custom domains










Connected workspaces

Team management

Invite additional editors

Multiplayer editing


Coming soon

Coming soon

Admin & Security

Cloud storage

2GB / project

2GB / project


Sign in with SSO [Google, MS]


Project history & restore

Project transfers

Password protection [published projects]

Custom SSO integration [SAML compatible]

SSO for viewers [Google, MS / SAML]

Domain verified access

Custom billing terms


Slack community with Standards team

Dedicated priority support

Dedicated account representative


What is the benefit of publishing online guidelines?

Branding and design has changed significantly in the last two decades, but the tools 
to design guidelines are either stuck in the past, or never existed at all.

Our own research shows that most designers still deliver guidelines in PDF format, and the reason is clear: design control. Until now, there has not been an online guidelines tool that allows for the design control we demand, outside of creating a custom website.

Standards is purpose-built tool for designing brand guidelines online, published as a live website that can be updated instantly, shared, and evolve with brands over time. All build without code, by designers.

Rich guidelines with video, download, links, and more, can all created with a level of design control that allows you to express the brand design to its full extent, untethered from templates.

Why should I use Standards over other online guidelines tools?

Precision and control. We tried other guidelines and website builders, but they didn’t provide the control, customization, and precision we demanded. Others lock you into a template or structure that doesn’t allow for full brand expression.

We needed a modern tool that output highly custom, pixel-perfect documents that were easy to update and share with our clients. What started as an internal tool became Standards, built for us all.

How are projects published and shared?

When your project is finished you can publish, or you can publish as you are working to track progress and test the published site.

Publishing creates a web link that can be shared publicly, or privately with a password. You can publish changes to your project at any time, and the web link will always be up to date.

Do you limit page views on published projects?

Once a guidelines is published, there is no limit on page views for the web link. If published as a public project, viewers can openly access the site without an account or credentials.

Do you support custom domains?

Yes, you can add an unlimited number of custom domains with our Plus and Pro plans. (Custom domains can be added on the Free plan, but are required to upgrade to Plus or Pro to publish.)

Once you have purchased or linked domains you own, we provide clear and simple instructions for adding your domains and linking them to your guidelines on Standards.

Alternatively, you can publish projects on the Standards domain for free with a Plus or Pro plan. When published, the URL will would be structured as:

Can I transfer guidelines to my clients?

Yes. Sometimes your client might want you to hand off a project completely. You can transfer projects to anyone using our Transfer feature on Plus and Pro plans.

During the transfer process, you can choose to keep a duplicate of the project, but the recipient will have ownership of the project.

Alternatively, if your client (or viewer) only needs to view the published guidelines, you can retain control of the project in your account. With unlimited guidelines, there is no extra cost to retain ownership, and clients can view the link for free.

What security do you have in place?

Standards minimizes possible vulnerabilities by following industry best practices and leveraging third-party providers. We use Google Cloud services which are ISO/IEC 27001 compliant, and we do not manage any physical servers or virtual machines. We use the built-in security tools Google provides to grant or restrict access to files and user data. We do not transport or store authentication credentials or billing information, as those are sent to Google and Stripe directly.

Learn more about our Enterprise security

Can I request features?

We’re always eager to hear from current and potential customers. To suggest a feature or chat about your needs, please contact [email protected] or chat directly with the team on our community Standards Community Slack.

Is Standards a Digital Asset Manager (DAM)?

While you can store up to 2 GB of files per project, and link to files and URLs using Standards, it isn’t designed to be a total Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.

However, Standards can work in conjunction with DAM software if it’s already used by your organization. Linking to any type of file repository is easy, meaning Standards can act as a brand hub that links out to various resources for your brand (such as Dropbox folders, DAM repositories, Figma libraries, etc.)

With 2 GB cloud storage on Plus and Pro plans, many of the features required form a DAM can be met by Standards.

Can I get a demo?

For a live demo, please contact [email protected]