App update: MP3 player, Spotify/Soundcloud embeds, Right-to-left text, + more

Made with Standards: DevRev

App update: OpenType and variable fonts are here.

Between the Guidelines: RISD × Gretel

In this edition of Between the Guidelines we chat with Andrea Trabucco-Campos, Creative Director at NY-based Gretel, and the design lead on their recent rebrand for RISD.

We share a behind-the-scenes look at the process, and discuss the future of guidelines.

Made with Standards: May ’23

Once again, we saw a record number of new guidelines published on Standards in May. We’re excited to see designers delivering online guidelines that are not only beautiful, but highly effective for viewers. Here are some of our favorites.

App update: 20+ changes from your feedback

Today, we’re happy to release Standards 11.7.4, with over 20+ enhancements directly from your feedback.

11.7.4 release notes

Between the Guidelines: Zipline

“There are a lot of web platforms that promise WYSIWYG, but Standards actually delivers on that promise.” We speak with Micah Panama, lead of the Zipline creative team.

Made with Standards: April ’23

April saw a record number of new projects launch on Standards from designers and organizations all over the world. Here are some of our favorites from the month.

New release: 11.7.0

Standards 11.7.0 introduces our new Plus plan. Also, a new project transfer system, project backup/history view, two editors on Pro, and more.