Made with Standards: March ’23

Nothing makes us happier than seeing the latest public guidelines designed and published with Standards.

Here are some of our favorites from the year so far, created by Rinker, Oké Design, SeatGeek, and Odd Notion.




Mojo is a sports stock market platform with a dynamic identity showcasing the detail and customization achievable with Standards.

Check out the Key Visuals page to see how Mojo is giving fast and easy access to their brand assets.

We love the detail above on the Color page where tooltip hovers use a transparent background consistent with the overall technical graphic identity.


View: Mojo Brand Identity Guidelines
Design: Rinker / Mojo



Sveriges Lärare

Stockholm-based designer Ville Oké’s identity for the Swedish Teachers Union balances “a sense of academic gravitas with an expression of warmth and lightheartedness.” The union represents teachers from higher education down to preschool.

We love the overview page, which acts as a visual navigation guide within the guidelines.


View: Sveriges Lärare Guidelines
Design: Oké Design




The SeatGeek design team challenged themselves to create a v1 guidelines on Standards during a company hackathon over just 2 days.

Under pressure, the team collaborated using Multiplayer Editing to cover the essentials, from the logo  and colors to motion and copy.


View: SeatGeek Brand Guidelines
Design: SeatGeek




Sesh is an online group therapy platform with an identity designed by Portland-based Odd Notion.

The guidelines utilize our Automations and Outlines, which take your high level colors, logos, and type, and speed up the design process by giving you a starting point in minutes.

Learn more about our Automations and Outlines.

Clear guidance for color and typography are contrasted with expressive graphic elements to combine into a clear, practical, and beautiful guidelines.


View: Sesh Brand Guidelines
Design: Odd Notion



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