11.6.0 release notes

Standards 11.6.0


Released: Jan 5th, 2023
Learn more about 11.6.0 here.


11.6.0 introduces Outlines—a powerful new way to automate guidelines in Standards.

Key Features

  • Added project Outlines in Setup
  • Redesigned project Setup
  • Added type style adjustment in Setup
  • Basic plan (formerly called Free) now includes one live project
  • Added Google Single Sign-On (SSO)



  • Basic plan now has one free published project
  • Updated automation modal options with outline content
  • Refactored publishing system
  • Added group permission system
  • Flyout menus now tween between positions
  • Almost all element types now show previews when hovering in layers bar
  • Added text input confirmation when deleting document
  • Removed numbering from default layer names
  • When deleting colors it will now copy the values to any referencing settings, such as type styles (does not include inline text styles, currently)
  • Added editor error notifications
  • The editor now shows a loading state when performing long-lasting actions, like adding an item to a heavily-used component
  • Changed the way elements inside columns resize when resizing column
  • Changed full bleed image automation from Media element to use Row with extended background fill
  • Buttons now have a 2px border radius by default
  • Multi-step Automations now have options selected by default
  • Will not autoscroll to element that is partially in view when selected in layers bar



  • Fixed a bug where media elements couldn’t be linked to specific elements on the same page, or another page
  • Fixed a bug where layers bar wouldn’t show component icon for nested components
  • Fixed a bug where layers would get stuck in ‘dragging’ state (as a result, dragging state is less responsive, as it was before)
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the spacebar when editing a component name from the right bar would enter component edit mode
  • Fixed a bug where deleting contents of a spacing field, and then blurring the field, would cause an error
  • Type specimen: font names no longer wrap mid-word
  • Fixed a bug where opacity wasn’t working on videos
  • Fixed a bug where overlay color wasn’t working on videos


Learn more about 11.6.0 here.