11.7.4 release notes

Standards 11.7.4


Released: May 19th, 2023
Learn more about 11.7.4 here.


Standards 11.7.4 features over 20+ enhancements directly from your feedback.


  • Implemented file download proxy server so files always download, never open in a new tab
  • Can now add basic element types (text, images, buttons) inside menus
  • Added paragraph spacing to text settings
  • Added ‘hard’ (enter) and ‘soft’ (shift + enter) return options when editing text
  • Added ‘jump to top of page’ and ‘jump to bottom of page’ linking options
  • Added tooltip hover option to button element widget
  • Updated publish flyout menu design in the editor header
  • Added ‘issues’ section to publish flow
  • Added second PMS to color styles
  • Added RAL to color styles
  • Added ‘edit color style’ button to Color Spec and Color Proportion Spec elements
  • Improved Color Spec position helper text
  • Updated element settings to make ‘content’ settings more apparent
  • Added an easier way to access page settings from the layers bar
  • Added background image option for Covers, Section Dividers, and Pagination automations
  • Simplified cover automation layout
  • Added ‘Image description’ field in file manager. Used as alt text for images to improve accessibility on published projects.
  • Microsoft Single Sign On
  • Improved transition between document setup and editor
  • Improved stability and reliability of multiplayer state
  • Performance updates
  • Updated ‘chat with support’ copy
  • Tightened modal spacing



  • Fixed a bug where Media Scale module would sometimes ignore ‘space between’ setting, causing the media to jump up and down when changing the scale setting
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the Delete key would remove special fixed elements like Color Specs (they are now set to hidden)
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t change the letter spacing setting of a type tester element
  • Fixed a bug in multiplayer where data would sometimes be overwritten by other users
  • Fixed bug where columns couldn’t be re-ordered by dragging in the layers bar
  • Fixed a bug where new components wouldn’t always show up immediately in components bar
  • Fixed a bug where pressing shift + arrow on number input would increment or decrement by 11, not 10
  • fixed a bug where untitled documents would display ‘null’ instead of ‘Untitled’ in the browser tab text
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t remove multiple elements at once
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn’t duplicate multiple elements at once
  • Fixed a bug where clearing and immediately setting a link in the text editor widget would cause an error
  • Fixed a bug where widget would close when enabling tooltip on Color Swatch, Media, and Typography Specimen elements
  • Fixed a bug where download links couldn’t be cleared for links inside the text editor
  • Fixed a bug where text editor download file links weren’t detected in project when removing unused files
  • Fixed a bug where image hover media files weren’t detected in project when removing unused files
  • Fixed a bug where group and row background images with a ‘Fill’ setting set to ‘Fit’ wouldn’t scale
  • Fixed a bug during setup where deleting a custom font when it was being used for a type style would crash the page
  • Fixed a bug where files with capitalized image extensions weren’t selectable when filtering by file type
  • Fixed a bug where media elements wouldn’t swap media content when linked


Learn more about 11.7.4 here.