App update: 20+ changes from your feedback

Today, we’re happy to release Standards 11.7.4, with over 20+ enhancements directly from your feedback.




Your feedback makes an impact

Some of these changes will be obvious when you’re working, but some will feel like they’ve always been there—and that’s kind of the point.

Here’s a rundown of all the small things that add up to something big in 11.7.4. Read about all the enhancements and fixes in the release notes.




Key features in this update




Paragraph spacing is now available in text settings.



More customizable menus with the ability to add logos, images, buttons along with your menu items.



New issue checker alerts you to missing favicons or default page url’s, giving you a chance to fix them before publishing.



Easier-to-use background images in Covers, Section Dividers, and Pagination Automations.



Easily accessible page settings from the layers bar. Handy for changing your URLs from the defaults to something more readable, and easier to navigate to.



Alt text for images can now be added in the new ‘Image description’ field in file details. Use alt text for images to improve accessibility for screen readers on published projects.



Second PMS in color styles. Signage designers we see you too. Extra RAL colors are now available to add to your color styles, too.



Tooltip hover on buttons. Useful if you’d like to indicate the file type or location of the asset.



Microsoft Single Sign On is now supported.



Everything is faster. Performance updates across the board.



Additional enhancements


Improved multiplayer editing experience with numerous stability and reliability upgrades.


Files download to your computer, rather than opening in a new tab (by implementing a file download proxy server if you wanted to know). The result is a better experience for those using the guidelines to download assets.


More control over displaying colors with an ‘edit color style’ button to Color Spec and Color Proportion Spec elements.


Hard and soft return options for editing text. If you have paragraph spacing options set, this comes into play allowing you to do a full paragraph space (hard) verses a single line (soft).


Page jump links to easily jump to top or bottom of the page. Handy if you’d like to add, for example, a link to ‘top of the page’ in a footer component being repeated on multiple pages.



Thanks for the feedback


We’re constantly receiving customer feedback about little things (and big) that would make your lives easier. We record and review it all.

We hope these small updates make a big impact in your Standards workflow.

Read about the 20+ other enhancements and fixes here in the release notes.