Made with Standards: April ’23

April saw a record number of new projects launch on Standards from designers and organizations all over the world.

Here are some of our favorites, designed by Manual / Zipline, Dine, Mambo Mambo, RedTag, Tractorbeam, and Oké Design.





Zipline—the world’s largest autonomous delivery system—have spent years pioneering rapid drone delivery of critical medical supplies to remote villages in Africa.

The Zipline Brand Lab is now delivering their new brand—designed with Manual and made with Standards—to the 1000+ strong Zipline team spread across the globe.


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Manual / Zipline Brand Lab





Dew brand guidelines cover, abstract shape

Beijing-based Dine’s guidelines for Dew is a succinct project designed and published free on our Basic plan.


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We Ride Together

RedTag’s identity for the nonprofit organization We Ride Together pushes Standards in directions we’ve not yet seen before, projecting a tactile design direction for the brand in guidelines that break the grid.


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Barb make hair products for people with short hair. Short and simple guidelines by Tractorbeam say it all!


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Sveriges Skolledare

Ville Oké is back again with another beautiful identity and guidelines, this month for the Stockholm-based organization Sveriges Skolledare.

If you’ve joined our Slack you might have noticed this project technically launched last month, but we couldn’t resist showing it off.

Ville joins the growing number of designers who have published 2+ projects, taking advantage of unlimited projects on the Pro plan.


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Oké Design




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