New release: 11.7.0

Introducing Plus plan, transfers, and history


Today we released Standards 11.7.0 and introduced a new plan: Plus. Here’s what’s new:


  • New plan: Plus
  • New project transfer system
  • New project backup/history view
  • 2 editors now included on Pro
  • More options for project ownership


Read the full 11.7.0 release notes here.



New plan: Plus

Introducing Plus

Since launching plans, we’ve heard from many of you that a project-based plan between Basic and Pro would be beneficial, so we’re pleased to be introducing Plus today.

Plus sits between Basic and Pro. It’s just right for:


  • Pro customers transferring project ownership to clients on Plus
  • Brands publishing a single project with a custom domain and password protection
  • Getting started with your first client project on Standards
  • Brands hosting their online guidelines and making ongoing updates


Plus plans are just $10/month, and extra live projects can be added for an additional $10/month.

Compared to other website platforms, Plus provides great value.



New: project transfer system

An all new transfer system simplifies the process

We received your feedback about simplifying transfers and have designed a new transfer system. We believe the new system will streamline the process of transferring project ownership.

To transfer a project to someone else, from the workspace view go to Your Project > Settings > Transfer and enter the recipient’s email.

Project transfers and workspace invites can be managed from the new Approvals page

After initiating a transfer, you can see the status and manage your other transfers from the new Approvals page in your account.

If your recipient does not have a Standards account, they will be invited to create one. The transferred project will await them once complete.



New: project history and backups

The new history tab enables you to create project backups, or see the time of the last automatic backup

The new History feature lets you create, view, and manage auto and manual backups of your projects.

To access History, from the editor click the clock icon on the top menu (right side). From the History modal, you can manually create a backup, and view your automatic and manual backups in one place.

The new history view lets you browse and restore older versions of your project

Need to go back to an older version of something? We’ve all been there. Locate the version you need in your backup history and revert.



Update: Pro now includes two editors

Pro plan now includes two editors

Starting today, every Pro plan includes a second editor.

Previously the Pro plans included one editor. In 11.7.0, two editors are now included in the base price. We made this change to enable teams to use our collaborative features like shared projects and multiplayer editing right out of the gate.

Existing Pro customers will see an immediate cost reduction, and new customers will be able to invite their first team member at no additional monthly cost.


View all plan types and compare features here.



Thoughts on plans


Offering simple plans and pricing has been a goal at Standards from the start. But as all designers know, achieving simplicity can be complicated.

Standards customers are comprised of different groups, including:


  • Studios working on multiple branding projects
  • Agencies working on a large projects with multiple stakeholders
  • Brand teams collaborating on their company’s design


Each group then has unique needs, such as:


  • Studios transferring project ownership to clients upon completion, or retaining ownership for ongoing updates
  • Agencies collaborating internally before transferring ownership to a client team
  • Brand teams creating multiple guidelines for different audiences, internal and external


With diverse needs, the challenge for us it trying to offer plans that work for as many people as possible.



More options for project ownership

Plus plan and the new transfer system give more options for project ownership.

With the new Plus plan, Pro customers now have additional options for transferring project ownership to clients once the work is complete.


Option 1: Transfer to a client on Plus

A great choice for projects or brands that only need a single project and editor. (Additional projects can be added later.)

Cost to client: $10/month


Option 2: Transfer the project to a client on a Pro

Ideal for larger clients planning to invite their own team onboard.

Cost to client: $40/month


Option 3: Retain ownership, share the link

If your client does not need to make updates, you can simply publish the project from your Pro account and share the link. You get to save time leveraging Standards, and your client enjoys the benefits of online guidelines at no cost.

Cost to client: $0/month


Our goal with these changes is to enable you to design all your guidelines in Standards to save time, and be flexible around your client’s ownership needs.



11.7.0 is live today


If you’ve already received your invite, sign in and let us know what you think by contacting us.

Read the full 11.7.0 release notes here.